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Berkshire Hathaway started offering policies in the state of NJ in 2018 and we were among the first agencies to bind a policy.

We are pleased to offer an alternative to the mostly closed markets for obtaining trucking for hire insurance in the state of New Jersey.

Liability Insurance Coverage – Trucking liability insurance covers the damage that is done to the other party. If a tractor trailer damages a delivery dock while dropping off a load, payment will be made to the shipment receiver for repairs. If a truck strikes another vehicle, the insurer will pay for the repairs required by the other vehicle. If a pedestrian or a driver in another vehicle is hurt by your truck, the insurance policy should have coverage’s to pay for the medical bills.

Cargo Insurance Coverage – If a “big rig” truck carries a load of something valuable and it gets damaged or destroyed while being transported in your truck, it is a great idea to have cargo insurance coverage. Likewise, if the trailer holding the goods is broken into and some of the shipment is stolen or damaged, your commercial insurance policy should be paying the tab, and not you or your company.

Physical Damage Coverage – There are plenty of ways that a truck may be damaged that could result in an expensive repair bill. Damage from severe weather conditions, theft, motor vehicle collisions and arson are all events that are out of your control but can still sink your business. Truck insurance that does not include any physical damage coverage will leave a void in your protection and may result in you paying the repair bill.

Truckers Workers Compensation Insurance Coverage – Accidents or illnesses will result in medical bills and recovery time. A company that doesn’t have coverage for employee injury is leaving out an important aspect of insurance coverage and missing a strong recruiting benefit. And depending on the state may be breaking the law.

Bobtail and Non Truck Insurance Liability Coverage (NTL Insurance) – These policy types will keep your vehicle covered in the few situations that aren’t covered by the previously mentioned insurance policy coverage’s, and the additional coverage is not really that expensive compared to the benefits.

If you’re looking for affordable box truck or big rig truck insurance or just regular commercial auto policy we may be able to help. We offer low down payments and easy monthly payment options to get you on the road and keep you insured for less, even if you are a new startup company. So go ahead and request free help and our commercial truck insurance quotes specialists will contact you A.S.A.P.

With Liability Insurance options ranging from minimum state required limits for commercial vehicles up to $5 million combined single limit (CSL), our commercial auto and truck insurance agents can provide a policy that’s just right for your vehicle.

Common vehicle types covered under our typical truck insurance policies include: box trucks, dump trucks, flatbed trucks, express delivery trucks, refrigerated trucks, tanker trucks, tractors, and many more.

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